Speedskating, again

I think I am obsessed with speedskating. Every night since I attended World Cup (going on seven nights now), I’ve dreamed about the Utah Olympic Oval. Only last night, I dreamed I went for a long walk—from West Jordan to downtown Salt Lake to Bell Canyon and finally, you guessed it, to the Olympic Oval.

I read in a news story recently you should never share your dreams because those who are skilled in interpreting them will discover more about your subconscious than you ever wanted them to know. But I say bring it on. I welcome all the interpretations you can throw at me because I am tired of waking up with sore legs from all that walking and skating I’m doing in my sleep.

Now, about World Cup. Chad Hedrick stood right next to me for like five seconds in the bleachers! I was star-dazzled.

And Shani Davis set a world record. It was better than the Olympics, and totally free.

And I talked to another famous skater about my novel for a second.

Not that it helped. I am a shy writer, not a nosy journalist, and it feels like surgery trying to extract from my brain good questions to ask on the spot. Anyone out there ever had to interview real, live, human beings for book research? The Internet feels SO much safer.


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  1. gaylene

    I used to work for a newspaper and that’s when I realized I HATED interviewing people but loved to write… It’s hard if you don’t have a list of questions you are already dying to ask. That’s cool that you tried, though!!