Thanks, Ray

Last October 28 I was sitting at Saltair. This place is super creepy. It’s a funky castle-looking thing with nothing but rows of folding chairs and a stage inside. I think the stinky Great Salt Lake and the Kennecott mine are two of the weirdest things in Utah, and Saltair sits smack between the two. It’s right off I-80 next to Kennecott’s 1,215-foot-tall smokestack.

Ray LaMontagne came onstage and asked, “Where the hell are we, anyway?” Glad he liked Salt Lake.

Why this has to do with writing: as he sang “I Still Care for You,” it dawned on me that my novel wasn’t going to end like I thought. My writers group later confirmed this. (Since I can’t figure out how to add a playlist [I repeat, crazy WordPress!], I invite you to visit iTunes or even YouTube and check Ray out.)

I know Stephenie Meyer already made the novel-playlist-thing trendy, but I think she publicized something many writers already know. I can usually sense the emotions at the heart of my novel, but music helps me crystallize them. Knowing what my characters are feeling sometimes helps me formulate what is happening rather than the other way around.

Does anyone besides Bree and Emily agree with me on this one? Or am I hopelessly addicted to iTunes and am deceiving myself so I can write off my purchases as “writing expenses”?

Hey, that’s a good idea . . .

To illustrate my music addiction, I already have a playlist for my new novel, tentatively called Ice Queen. There are 17 songs—and only 7 pages. But I’m driving around in the car, singing the soundtrack, and making more progress than it looks like.


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  1. Nope, I agree with you as well on the iTunes thing. Sometimes I can’t write at all without those songs pounding in my head and stirring my emotions.

    Saltair is the weirdest thing ever. I agree. It just feels so random.