Award Winners

Unfortunately, I haven’t pinned down a winner for my title contest yet. I’m indecisive—which is why my husband took me on a surprise cruise last week and planned all the details because it stresses me out so much to try to decide where to go on a trip that I end up wishing we’d just stay home! The cruise was lovely, and I spent a whole day gazing at the Pacific and reading a Printz winner.

When I wasn’t eating, that is.


So back to the Printz winner. There has been a lot of controversy lately about if recent Newbery winners appeal to kids or only librarians, but I haven’t heard the same complaints about other awards. My cruise read was The White Darkness by Geraldine McCaughrean. I hadn’t even heard of this book yet—just saw the big gold seal on the cover and picked it up. I loved it! I’m a big sucker for literary YA and death-defying-capers-in-the-snow kind of stories, and this book has both.

I have to go unpack and do laundry now, so I’ll cut this post short and turn the question to you: what do you usually think of books that win awards? Are you more inclined to pick something up if it has a flashy sticker on the front? What award-winning books have wowed you? And which ones did you find disappointing?



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4 responses to “Award Winners

  1. I have to admit, I’m drawn to fancy gold stickers on the covers of children’s books. And I’m a bit of a snob. If the sticker doesn’t say “Newbery,” the book drops down the ranks to be categorized with everything else on the shelf. So far the only Newbery I’ve been disappointed with is The Twenty-One Balloons. I was utterly wowed by Maniac Magee. I need to read that one again.

    • Kim Reid

      I love Maniac Magee! My husband gave me that book for my birthday before we started dating. 🙂 He earned some points there.

  2. makphilips

    I’m totally a sucker for Newbery ones as well- I don’t know about other awards out there, but I figure if it is good enough for SOMEONE to give it an award, it is worth the read- right?

    I loved “The Giver”, “The Bronze Bow”, “Witch of Blackbird Pond”, “Island of the Blue Dolphins”, and so many more.

    I can’t really remember being disappointed in any award winners I’ve read. I didn’t really like “Jacob have I loved” but it has been a looooong time.

  3. Old newberry winners are awesome – new ones are hit and miss, it seems. They’re good books, but sometimes they have a bit too much PC to not annoy me.

    Now Caldecott winners are awesome! (Hey, my oldest is 4, we look at picture books!)