Mine Eyes! And a Bitter Film

If I have any followers, they may have noticed I haven’t blogged lately.

Sorry, loyal followers!

I have this dumb eyelid twitch. I’ve had it for almost a month. It’s getting to the point where my eye nearly closes on some of the bad spasms. I’ve read online that looking at a computer too much can cause eye twitches. (Maybe I should have read this in a book. Can books cause eye twitches?)

For a while, I decided that the eye twitch could remind me of how grateful I am that I can see. Quaint, no?

Now I’m experimenting with avoiding all things screen—except sunscreen—for the next few days. If this doesn’t work, I’ll try acupuncture next. In my eye.

Just kidding.

Any other ideas? So far, I’ve tried drinking lots of water, eating bananas, getting plenty of rest, and complaining.

I’ll leave you with a classic film from 1995 to discuss amongst yourselves until my return. This clip amuses me because as someone very sensitive to being smothered, I can’t help but fill in the back story. Just thinking about it makes me want to shoot the poor guy too. Why can’t he get a life? He probably asks Betty a bunch of dumb questions like 60 times a day just so he can make her look at him again. GRRR!

But it’s not like I’m totally innocent here. I read somewhere that young adults do not fully develop the capacity to discern consequences until after age 25. Maybe that’s why some people get married young (ha!) but I think it’s also why I couldn’t get married before then, even if I wanted to. It took me a long time to discover that if I kept showing up on a guy’s porch uninvited, and kept calling to see if he ever got my messages, and sent him e-mails longer than this post, it didn’t make him like me. Who knew?

Anyway, the clip:

And the real questions of the day:

1. What are your good “smothering” moments from your teenage dating days? You don’t have to reveal who was doing the stalking and who was being stalked. Because I write YA, and I will use your stories. Mwa ha ha.

2. What good YA books can you think of where the plot is enhanced by the character’s adolescent inability to discern cause and effect? Sometimes books with characters making really poor decisions annoy me. But then I wonder if it’s because I’ve passed the 25-threshold, and had I read the book before then maybe I would not have realized the characters’ decisions were stupid.



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8 responses to “Mine Eyes! And a Bitter Film

  1. Whitney

    try taking calcium for awhile, or drinking lots of milk for the eye twitchies.

  2. Kim, I’ve had the SAME eye twitch for a solid WEEK. Nothing has made it go away. I think it’s stress.

    I love that video. I remember seeing that way back in college, LOL. I laughed as hard as I do now!

    • Kim Reid

      Moi? Stressed? Never! ha ha. The calcium seems to be helping a little, but yeah, maybe more bubble baths would be good too. Good luck with the eye twitch. ANNOYING!

      • Susan Phelan

        When I had an eye twitch a few months ago I found I could get it to temporarily stop when I turned my eyes to look the opposite way of the twitch. Not scientific or permanent but temporary relief.

      • Kim Reid

        You are all geniuses. Thank you. I’ll try anything.

  3. My left eye has been doing the same thing because of stress! Lame. Yoga works for me, but who has 45 minutes a day to do it?

  4. Teru Miyashima

    Ducktape. Learn to rrrroll your r’s while wearing it.
    Hi Kim. I loved the short clip on love. Too funny. LMAO!