Happy Memorial Day and a Contest Winner

Congratulations to Sharee who won an autographed copy of My Angelica. Thanks to everyone who played!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful, safe Memorial Day. I’m wondering what this holiday means to you, besides barbecues and unpredictable weather and a day off of work. Who do you remember on this day?

The flag left by the Scouts in my yard reminds me to honor the soldiers who gave the “last full measure of devotion,” and I’m grateful for them. But I don’t know anyone like that personally yet, thank heavens, so I usually end up thinking more about the civilians who helped shape me into who I am, even if I never knew them personally.

On Memorial Day I think about where I came from. I know some of my ancestors’ names because of the annual visit to the cemetery, and today as I watched my mom stick the same silk flowers where they go every year, I talked to my parents about where all those people and a bunch of other relatives first lived: Denmark, Sweden, England, Germany, Russia, Poland.

I’m grateful for what they did to get themselves here so today I could hike at Sundance and eat good food in Midway and drop in at Staples to buy a wireless router.

But I hope I leave memories more worthwhile than a long list of delicious meals consumed and a million hours spent on the Internet when it’s my family’s turn to pick a headstone. I’ve known too many people who gave life their full devotion but didn’t get the chance to keep at it for very long.

I think about them today, too. I’m grateful they left me with so much good to remember.


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