Random Tuesday Update

Airplane phobia: Off the charts. Me ever fly again? Forget it.

Eye twitch: Gone-zo! Thanks for all your medical advice.

Dining adventures: Russ and I are in charge of educating some youth from our church group about his two-year stint in Fortaleza, Brazil, for youth conference in a couple of weeks. So we went to Mercado Latino and Many Lands yesterday to buy cashew juice, coconut water, and pasta de guayaba, which is not pasta so much as paste made of guava. Sounds . . . delicious?

Blogging status: Not into it much lately. Busy reading and critiquing thirteen twenty-page manuscripts for the writing conference I’m going to next week. SO EXCITED! Are you going? If so, leave me a comment on whose class you’re going to be in and where I can say hi to you.

Reject status: Once a writer, always a reject. But at least the rejection I got from an agent last week was encouraging.

Writing tip: Remember way back when I said I was going to leave a weekly writing tip? I meant that sort of in the way Jory keeps a diary in Syndey Salter’s debut book:

“August 25. First day of school. I’m going to write every day.

“January 1. I’m going to write every day.

“July 19. He kissed me!”

To make up for several weeks of no tips, I give you a whole article I enjoyed reading over the weekend. It’s about overcoming resistance. A quick snippet: “Many of us plunge into our dreams without anticipating Resistance, but dreaming is so different from doing. Dreaming requires only imagination, but doing requires effort, and an ability to push through unpleasant feelings — like dread, fear or disappointment.”

If you ever feel dread when you sit down to write, or practice the piano, or start a painting, or scrub the tub—this article is for you. Enjoy!



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7 responses to “Random Tuesday Update

  1. I feel all of those things mentioned in the article:
    Dread- I haven’t started reading those 13 ms’s for our writing conference.
    Fear- that I picked the wrong year to submit.
    Disappointment- Well, I won’t get started on that one. That’s why I need that article telling me to push on through!
    btw- I have an agent I love. His name’s Ted. But dropping my name may not do anything for you…

    • Kim Reid

      lol! I’m totally using your name, Brodi. And I’m suggesting to Ted that he tell all the editors who have disappointed you that they are butt munches.

  2. Whitney

    hmm, that package of guava paste is exactly like the one the has been sitting in my cupboard for the last few months (picked up by howard during a trip to utah, where they actually have decent latin food markets). leave it to the south american serving missionary husbands. let me know if you make something yummy out of it. i’m glad your eye twitch went away.

    • Kim Reid

      I don’t think you make anything out of that paste, really. Russ eats it with milk poured on top. My dad eats it with cheese. The can features a picture of it on crackers. Try all three!

  3. I just got back from the library. I figured I better read some of the authors whose presentations I’m going to at the writers conference!

  4. Whitney

    ohhh, okay, i will try your guava paste ideas. i know when we bought it we didn’t have any concrete plan for it’s destiny.