Mid-Conference Top Fives

I’ve been at the BYU writing conference this week. I LOVE it! Here’s the first half of the conference distilled down to my top five paraphrases.

1. “Writing makes me anxious. But here’s the trap—not writing makes me anxious.” – Louise Plummer

2. “The best part about publishing a book is writing the book.” – Martine Leavitt

3. Taking time each day to do what you love “distinguishes unhappy and unproductive people from happy and productive people.” – Louise Plummer

4. “You don’t need to ‘discover’ your voice. You need to uncover it. It’s already as much a part of you as your own personality. As soon as you stop imitating how others write and write what you deeply care about, your voice will emerge.” – Dandi Mackall

5. “I am a lazy bum.” – Louise Plummer

Now, the top five things I have learned from the conference so far.

1. Even celebrity authors feel like frauds.

2. Never leave your headlights on in the parking lot on the first day of the conference. Worse, do not leave your trunk open on the second day of the conference unless you want a public tribute to your troublesome car broadcast at every turn. (Not my car!)

3. Writing will not happen during the “writing free time” as long as there are writers and cookies around. And I’m okay with that.

4. It’s advisable to apply your conference notes to your manuscript. Funny I forgot about this one last year—and the year before that.

5. I am a lazy bum.


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  1. I loved Dandi Mackall’s presentation. Thanks for making me go! 🙂