The Attraction of Quirky Characters (and another contest)

My writer peep Bree is giving away a signed copy of her book if you dare share the story of your first crush. I did. You can too. Do it. DO IT NOW!

Reflecting on my first crush reminded me of how I’m so attracted to quirky people—as crushes, as friends, as fictional characters in books and movies. I asked my husband if he can remember what quirks sold me on him, and he says I liked him just because he’s “bad.” But also, he turns his hand into a monster that talks to me sometimes and bites me in church. (See, he is bad.)

My favorite quirky movie characters are the old guys on Napoleon Dynamite because I’m pretty sure they’re not acting. My favorite commercial character is the crab. My favorite book character of the week is Mazzy in Ann Dee Ellis‘s Everything Is Fine.

But I pretty much hate Rubin. Sometimes the quirkiness can go way too far.

What quirky characters do you love? And which ones seem not very authentic—like they’re weird only for weirdness’ sake?



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5 responses to “The Attraction of Quirky Characters (and another contest)

  1. Yuck, Rubin. Reminds me of bad high school dates, watching Rubin and Ed. Anyway, I will think about the quirky characters question, and get back to you.

  2. gaylene

    I love Dean Doontz’s “Odd Thomas.” He’s got the strangest brain, but I love being in it šŸ™‚

  3. gaylene

    Ooops…I meant Dean Koontz… sorry.

  4. My question is there a difference between quirky and weird??? Because I’m just weird. I don’t think I’m quirky. And I don’t think I’ve created any quirky characters, either. But I do like quirky characters!

  5. I have a crush on Peter Wimsey (by Dorothy Sayers). He’s quirky in a totally sophisticated way, not to mention having a monocle… Good thing Marriner doesn’t read this blog, or he might get jealous!