Do Rednecks Blog?

Forgive my long absence. Summer is busy! I’ve been too caught up in

1. Watching the neighbors on their bike ramp up at Spring Lake.

bike ramp

(Thanks to flickr for the photo and discovery that people in my neighborhood weren’t the first to think of this.)

2. Attending five-hour-long demolition derbies in which three people get hauled out in ambulances.

derby(I felt a bit like an ancient Roman being amused by so much violence. I had to sit down and read a book when the trucks came onto the scene. So big! So loud!)

3. Doing the usual summer things, like eating meals in the yard because it’s too hot in the house, listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird every chance I get, and trying to figure out a new title for my work in progress that isn’t named after a Willie Nelson or Emmylou Harris song.

In case you were starting to think I’m a bit hick, I’m not.

Even if this is my brother.




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3 responses to “Do Rednecks Blog?

  1. That picture is very funny. I’m happy the demolition derby turned out to be somewhat entertaining. Blog more. I missed this!

  2. Mak

    Wow. I see that spending your formative years (pre high school) in fancy-shmancy Draper has seriously put a damper on your redneck edu-ma-kashun.
    *Sigh* I’m glad to see that you are taking advantage of the cultural opportunities of your new hometown. Next up- High School Rodeo championships complete with swimming with the rodeo-ers at the county pool. Yee Haw!

  3. Anne

    Wow…riding a bike into a lake. That brings back some memories. I was too chicken to do it off a ramp but many times would go flying off the dock. Nowadays I think I’d be too chicken to even go off the dock. These are things that getting old does to a person.