My Favorite Places to Be

  • The Arctic
  • Avonlea
  • Tide-by-Rood
  • Haven
  • Pablo’s village
  • Himmel Street
  • The Glenmore
  • The Antarctic

But there are only a few I’d want to visit in person, like the setting for my contemporary Swan Lake adaptation in the works:


Some plots could happen anywhere.

I like it when sometimes they couldn’t.

What are some of your favorite places in fiction—the places that
make the story?



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3 responses to “My Favorite Places to Be

  1. Good question! I think one of my favorite things about Shakespeare is that you can base the stories almost anywhere, in any setting. When that’s done well, the setting really can make the story even though it’s been told in so many other settings.

    I’m not sure I can answer your question, though. I’m thinking… Might have to come back!

  2. Franklin and Cauley, of course.

  3. sarathered

    Kim — love your thought provoking questions.

    Honestly, I love Hogwarts. I mean, come on, that place is cool. Their dorms always seemed particularly cozy.

    And Avonlea is wonderful, and the Swiss Family Robinson tree house. Terabithia. And Rootbeer Float world … from my childhood stories. It’s seriously awesome!