Homemade Book Trailers

Book trailers are a fascinating trend, in my opinion. For me, the experience of reading a book and watching a movie are SO different that it seems a bit weird to blend the mediums.

What do you think?

Some book trailers may do more harm than good. Since most of us writers are not into film, we may make our literary, impressive books look cheesy and half-rate with a cheesy, half-rate trailer.

Still, I couldn’t resist making one. Maybe when I’m published my editor will make me destroy it. Maybe when I win the Printz my editor will arrange for a professional to make a new trailer, with live action and animation, like this:

Or this:

But I guess after you win the Printz or Newbery, there’s no need for more marketing. We’ll have to do the best we can with a pre-award budget and the trailer-making resources we have now.

Like iMovie:

And Animoto:

And our brothers, relatives, or friends who graduated from prestigious film schools:

Way to go, Valynne. You win the “homemade” book trailer category award. Even though you sort of cheated. ๐Ÿ™‚



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3 responses to “Homemade Book Trailers

  1. Who says cheaters never prosper?! Thanks for the award!

  2. Hey Kim,
    Sorry to post this on your blog, but will you email me your address? I keep forgetting to email and ask so this is my plan b. Miss you – Jessica

  3. The last one is my favorite! Oh my goodness! All of these are well done, including yours. I think book trailers are a brilliant idea, and I hope one day I can do one with live action footage. I’m married to an actor after all. I do have resources… ๐Ÿ˜€