And Now a Quote

Buried in revisions!

No time for blogging!

Only time for favorite Sarah McLachlan quote, cut and pasted from her website:

I never have set goals, in the sense that I expected to be successful or get to a certain place. My idea of success has always been, does it feel right? Does it feel good to me? Do I enjoy doing it? And somehow miraculously, I’ve been able to follow that path and have a great success at it.

Since this seems to be how I live my life most of the time, I’m inspired by the possibility of success for people who care about other things more.

Or maybe I’m just lazy.

Wish me luck! Thanks again for the many congratulations on my last post. It feels good to have fans already, whether I ever publish again or not.



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2 responses to “And Now a Quote

  1. I love that quote. Words to live by. Or write by.