Books in Verse

I had an idea

while reading The Weight of the Sky

by Lisa Sandell.


Would writing a

free verse manuscript

make the writing go by


help me reach my page count



Or would it only make me seem

a poser?


Methinks I will try it and delete all the line breaks when I am finished, making the mansucript only 20 pages short.

What verse novels have you read that seem to work well? I’ve only read three or four books in verse—The Weight of the Sky, Out of the Dust, and True Believer come to mind—and since I’m not too familiar with poetry, I don’t feel like I could say one way or the other if they were better in verse than they would have been in prose. I can only say I read them much faster than prose novels, and this I like.



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6 responses to “Books in Verse

  1. I admit I’ve never read a book in verse. I’ve looked at Ellen Hopkins’ books at the store, and the pages look so pretty, but I wouldn’t have the first clue how to write it.

    Let me know how the experiment works!

  2. I like True Believer, too. Sharon Creech has some good ones. While I do like how the read is faster, I can only handle a book like this in infrequent doses.

  3. I’m a little late getting to this post, sorry! Thanksgiving et al set me back on my blog reading. 🙂

    But Francesca Lia Block comes to mind. Her books are not only quick but cute and little, too. I read Psyche in a Dress because my first manuscript was based on the myth of Psyche, but I’ve also read Weetzie Bat, her most well known book.

    I read the whole Make Lemonade triology (True Believer is the middle book), and I have to say that the third one, despite being in verse, was WAY too long. So it’s possible for free verse to get out of hand! 😉