Jealous of Writing Spaces

On Saturday I got to hang out with the illustrious up-and-coming YA novelist/writing professor Nikki Mantyla along with a bunch of other awesome writers I met at WIFYR last year. (You can read about all the goings-on here.) So fun to see everyone!

Also great to FINALLY see Nikki’s pergola. I want a magical outdoor haven to retreat to when I am writing. I’ve always felt inspired by places, and maybe the muses would come more regularly if they knew a few places I’d always be found—besides in the pantry with the door shut behind me.

I’m also jealous of Emily’s office. On Martin Luther King Day, the SIX crashed at Em’s house, and I got to see her sunny writing room with TWO desks and TWO bookcases. So clean! So crisp! So inspiring!

My writing space involves a Staples close-out particle-board desk, a treadmill, and an exercise bike. What do you think? Do the shadows of failed new year resolutions past and the glowing hope of new years resolutions present belong in the same room? I sense a clash coming, sending the muses scurrying out the window.

Where are your favorite places to write? Does location matter or can you sink into the zone anywhere, as long as you have a laptop or a pen?



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17 responses to “Jealous of Writing Spaces

  1. Wow. Thanks for the awesome mention. I do have to admit that appearances can be deceiving. My laptop pretty much lives on the kitchen table. When I’m outside, I’m easily distracted. It’s a great thinking space, but not always the greatest writing space, though I plan to experiment more once warm weather returns and see if I can train myself to be more productive out there.

    Emily’s sunny office sounds incredibly appealing. I’m hoping to have a more accessible office in our next house. For me, the thing that matters most is quiet.

    Love the image of the clash between failed resolutions and new ones! Great post. 🙂

    • Kim Reid

      I have a hard time writing outside for very long, but I like to start there, scribbling in a notebook. Once the ideas start flowing I need to type, and it’s hard to see the laptop screen on a sunny day.

  2. For now I have to settle on zoning myself wherever I am able – we’ve got several home improvement projects on our list and my “creative space” is slowly making its way to the top.

    I’m always jealous when I see the awesome locales where some amazing writers work their magic. But it’s given me inspiration for what I’m going to do when I have my own space!

    For now, it’s wherever I am with a notebook or laptop, pen and iPod.

    • Kim Reid

      Thanks for visiting, Windy. I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t have a particularly inspiring spot. Maybe wishing for a room of my own is another one of those fake barriers my subconscious invents to convince me to procrastinate. As soon as I have my dream office, something else that annoys me will pop up, and I’ll realize it’s my mind that’s the enemy to creativity, not my surroundings. 🙂

  3. Mak

    You + Me + Tai Pan & Ikea = Inspiring office.

    I’m serious. Even with the excersize equipment storage we could come up with something cool 🙂

  4. Mak

    Ohh Ohh- I even have a desk I’m getting rid of so you can have two!

  5. I’ve got a great desk with a window looking outside, but I don’t get my best work done there.

    My best work happens in my bed, with my laptop, the windows closed and the door closed and the lights off. And comfy pants.

    • Kim Reid

      I think I get my best writing done when I wake up and start writing in bed before anything else. It’s the whole rest of the day that goes to crap when I try that. I forget to eat, shower, and go to work.

  6. Sara

    I have a lovely desk, in a lovely room, with a window to the outside world … but my best work happens in the recliner, with Pandora and my fuzzy socks.

    • Kim Reid

      How could I forget the fuzzy socks?? That’s what I’ve been missing. I wear them to sleep in but not to write in. (Yes, I have to have my feet covered when I sleep in the winter.)

  7. My writing happens wherever I can find the space for it. In the car, waiting to pick up kids, at the kitchen counter, in the family room. The one place is never seems to happen is in my study. Weird.

    • Kim Reid

      That’s something I need to learn to be better at—making use of small snatches of time, whenever, wherever.

  8. I totally agree that between IKEA and Tai Pan and Mak you can make a place to write, in but not of your workout room. Thanks for the shout out!

  9. My writing space is something particioned off by using the T.V. as a wall. And yet, it’s the best thing I’ve ever had.

    Stephen King said his own writing space is quiet humble. That he used to have a large glorious desk and didn’t get as much work done as he does now.

    Sometimes the space can be distracting rather then inspiring.

    • Kim Reid

      That’s a good point for me to keep in mind. It’s kind of like if the notebook I buy is too fancy I don’t want to mess it up by freewriting in it. I want to write something good. 😉