Gems from Glen: Day 2

This is a paraphrase from chaplain Scott Cairns’s keynote address:

Either we are called to greatness or we are not called at all. Ambition is only bad if it is ambition for bad things. . . .

Christians often fall into the trap of thinking that art is mainly for the purpose of expression—a vehicle for delivering previously understood matter. However, expressing what one knows is the least interesting part of the process.

Writing poetry led me in fits and starts through productive bouts of faith and doubt, finally arriving at a giddy awareness of God’s nearness. Whatever ways my words may have served or helped others, my poetry served me first.

Art is a process by which artists come to apprehend what they do not know. The creation of art is a way to see, a gift God has given us to allow us to catch glimpses of Him.


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  1. I really like this! A friend recently reminded me of President Uchtdorf’s talk at the Oct. 2008 General Conference and the thoughts he had about creating. Sometimes I feel like shouldn’t want to write, like I should only want to be out serving others and reading scriptures and things like that. I like the idea that creating art can be a way to come to know God. So thanks for this.