My Books

How quaint to have a page titled “My Books” with no books on it. But who would click on a tab called “My Manuscripts”?

I’m aiming to become a published young adult novelist. My first YA contemporary novel (working title: Flying Too Close to the Ground) is about a girl trying to preserve her family’s diner, her heritage, and her friendships as they all collide.

For fun, I made this video. See it now before I change my title and deny such a shoddy book trailer ever existed!

Currently I’m working on two more YA novels, one of them a paranormal retelling of Swan Lake that takes place in an Austrian bed and breakfast. Totally DIFFERENT than a small-town diner. Right? I never made much progress writing until I worked as a waitress for two months and spent slow nights scribbling scenes on paper scraps normally used for taking orders, and I guess I’m still channeling that cafe setting. My third novel will be a magical realism-type story that touches on the afterlife and does not take place in an eating establishment. Although I hope there are a lot of good restaurants in heaven.

In a past life, I attempted picture book writing, religious inspirational writing, and magazine writing, all published under my maiden name.